2 thoughts on “Autism Speaks

  1. Gorgeous, Mike. I shared it on FB (despite my ambivalence about the site!), hope you don’t mind. Although it’s a totally different circumstance, reminds me of when I began to visit my mom more often in her older years, I privately felt frustrated that there was very little to talk about with her that didn’t upset her (due to her paranoia). So we largely confined our talks to recalling fond memories together, and to each checking how the other was doing with basic needs for living: are you warm enough? do you have enough to eat? Your post reminds me that we don’t need even those words, to communicate and learn from those we love most in the world; I’m just so stunned by how open you are to learning from your kids, and by your daughters’ devotion to each other.

    • Thanks so much, Irene. I really appreciate it. I’m convinced people with atypical brains – born with or otherwise – offer a great deal to the rest of us, from perspective to priority. Thanks again, and I hope you guys are very well. Love all your posts.

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